How to quickly heal earthquake trauma?

How to quickly heal earthquake trauma?

How to quickly heal earthquake trauma?

For the last week, I have been following in the media and on social networks the testimonies of the residents of Zagreb and the surrounding area affected by the earthquake, and in their words I still hear a great fear of the earthquake, as well as the consequences of the shock.

I hear some are sleeping on the couch in the living room, dressed in their tracksuits and sneakers. Some do not sleep all night out of fear and wait for the morning to quietly close their eyes and get some rest. I also read about a child who wants to sit in the car all the time and is afraid to be in the house. There are a lot of those who hear the sound of an earthquake in their head or constantly spin in their heads the moments when the earthquake shook them. For some, it reminded them of wartime and stirred up old shocks and fears. Some were alone at home and are now even more afraid – of earthquakes and loneliness. Above all, some were killed in the quake, and some had their homes significantly destroyed. All these people experienced a great shock.

I’ve written already in a previous post which Bach essences can help in such stressful situations, to heal shock and fears. But I would like to mention the benefits of homeopathy as well.

Homeopathy is a deep-acting natural healing method, nearly 200 years old, established by German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on the application of remedies of plant, mineral and animal origin, thus treating mental, physical and emotional symptoms. A person is viewed as a unique and unrepeatable individual, and a homeopathic remedy is chosen by respecting all the symptoms and ailments from which one suffers. First of all, homeopathy removes the root causes of a particular problem. In this case, if we are talking about an earthquake, the earthquake is seen as the cause of the distress, and the distress from which the person suffers, such as insomnia, disturbing thoughts that haunt the person, fear and panic, are viewed as the aftermath of the earthquake. Therefore, in homeopathy, we will not choose a remedy for insomnia, disturbing thoughts or panic, if one of the above-mentioned persons calls us for a consultation. Because these are just the consequences of what triggered those ailments. These are the consequences of the shock caused by the earthquake. So we need to choose a shock remedy!

Do you think conventional insomnia medications will help if the cause is still there? They can help in the short run, but the trauma is still there…

The best homeopathic remedy for shock is Aconitum napellus.

Be sure to consult your pharmacist and homeopath about applying this remedy. Remedies in potencies 200C or 1M will be sufficient to heal the trauma caused by the earthquake, but as we are all different, it is possible that different people respond to different potencies of this remedy and a different way of dosing. The dosage will therefore be determined by your homeopath or pharmacist.

It is very important to heal emotional and mental trauma! Just as you would take care of your wound if you accidentally injured or cut yourself, so should you nurture mental trauma. Otherwise, the scar will not heal nicely and the consequences will remain and occur in any disturbing situation in the future. If you do not treat the trauma, you will shudder at the slightest sound. You will dream of an earthquake or similar traumatic situation. You will be afraid to be alone at home. You will be afraid to fall asleep. While those who nurtured their trauma will find their peace and continue to act and live courageously.

Choose homeopathy to gently and effectively nurture your earthquake trauma!

Good luck!

Ana Klikovac


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