How to deal with isolation?

How to deal with isolation?

How to deal with isolation?

These days I receive inquiries from clients about how to deal with isolation, how to overcome the depression that grips them and how to stay in a positive mood when we are bombarded with bad news …

So here are some tips on the subject.

It is not easy for anyone right now. Our world turned upside down in just a month. No one can say how long this will last and that increases people’s frustrations.

My first recommendation is to drink Walnut Bach essence! It will act on several different levels. First of all, it will help us to adapt more easily to isolation and to all the rules we need to follow. In addition, this essence protects us from bad energies and bad people. When we take it the bad news will not reach us. You will hear the news, but you will not “take it to heart.” With Walnut you will feel protected and safe. Because that is the essence of walnuts. Remember how a nut has a hard shell around the fruit. So you too will have protection like a hard shell, and bad news and negative energy will not affect you and will not make you depressed.

Bach’s essence White Chestnut also helps. It has the power to stop unwanted negative thoughts that wander the mind, which create negative future scenarios. This essence will be especially useful for you if these negative disturbing thoughts are spinning in your head before going to bed, so you will sleep more peacefully.

If you do sink into a negative mood, Gentian will quickly lift you out of that state, because it gives hope that everything will be fine after all and that tomorrow will be better than today or yesterday. You will take Gorse if you are immersed in negative thoughts, you see everything in black and it seems to you that there is no hope of getting out of this situation. Gorse will give you back positive thinking and give you back hope.

Many of you miss socializing; hanging out with friends, going out… you even miss going school and work. Take the essence of Honeysuckle if you think about past times when you could walk and enjoy yourself freely. On the other hand, if you are dreaming about when you will be able to go out again and you have your mind set on the future, then Clematis essence will help you. These two essences help us stay in the present moment and dedicate to ourselves, our family, and the work tasks (or household chores) that lie ahead.

Impatiens is also one of the essential essences for this period of self-isolation. Those who normally have a problem staying in one place, who are impatient, will now find it even harder to bear the “captivity” in the house. And even those who like to stay in their home and are more introverted will count the days until the end of this isolation. So Impatiens essence will suit all of us and should be taken regularly.

Use this time to socialize with you family, to read, and to get to know yourself better. Use this time to dedicate to those activities you didn’t have time for. Read and learn… because this knowledge and insights will remain as your inner wealth that no one can take away from you.

Take Bach essences and turn negative into positive. And practice what I always teach my clients: ENDURE, ENDURE, ENDURE!

Good luck!

Ana Klikovac

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