Letter to our children – please share!

Letter to our children – please share!


Today is 13.4.2020. I’m in self-isolation, like the rest of the world. I listen to the news, read stories on portals, and follow the powerlessness of the world to suppress the Koronavirus …. I take my daily dose of homeopathy … distribute to my family members their doses … and wonder why all this is like this today …?

I read historical writings on homeopathy: homeopathy was used during the typhoid epidemic in 1813, during cholera epidemic in 1830 … and so on – year after year, epidemic after epidemic, including the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, all with successful treatment results. Because homeopathy at that time was a RECOGNIZED AND ACCEPTED METHOD of TREATMENT, taught at medical colleges and practiced in homeopathic hospitals around the world.

But here we are, two hundred years later, we resist to the use of homeopathy, we do not use its benefits, we dispute its results. Why? Because someone once said that teaching homeopathy should be discontinued in medical colleges. And because no one opposed it.

And so I sit and read all the posts published by homeopaths around the world, and think how much effort we are all making right now to turn our attention to homeopathy – because it is a healing method that has no side effects and is natural and effective and accepted in many countries around the world – but – all these appeals come upon deaf ears, blind eyes and stubborn minds!

And that is why I will appeal today to the only group of people who can make a change today – PARENTS OF OUR CHILDREN!


If your kids are old enough, read this to them and talk to them.

If your children are too young to understand my letter, save this letter and have a conversation with them one day in the future, when your children are ready for it.

I had these conversations with my children long ago. But today it is your turn to act.

Today is the day when you create the future of your children and your grandchildren!

Today is the day when we can work together to build the foundation for their future!

You know best how much homeopathy has helped you, your children and your entire family.

How many times you didn’t have to go to see a doctor because you gave your child homeopathic remedy and the problems receded within a very short time?

How many times did your children do well because you acted and provided them with homeopathy?

Today is a day to teach them how they will act when they will be adults and when they will take care of their health themselves!

Today is the day to teach them how they will help their children!


Dear child,

Remember when your ear ached and your mom gave you little pellets and then everything went away quickly?


Remember when your throat ached and your dad gave you little pellets, and your throat stopped hurting?


Remember when you had the fever, and your mom gave you the pellets, and those sweet tablets of tissue salts, and the fever went away quickly?


And you remember when you vomited a lot, and everything stopped quickly when I gave you the sugar pills, and they melted under your tongue?


Great, my child! Now Mom and Dad will tell you a story.

Many children in the world today are not as fortunate as you are – their moms and dads don’t give them sugar pellets and salts when they are in some kind of pain. There are many children in the world whose parents do not believe that these sugar pellets can help them. There are also parents who don’t know that these sugar pellets exist and that they can help us, because no one has ever told them that.

Children who do not take pellets are much more often ill and go to see the doctor more often. Often they need to take a medicine that is not as tasty as our pellets, and they often have some additional problems when taking that conventional medicine. Not all children are happy to take sugar pellets.

Our sugar pellets are called HOMEOPATHY. Even today, many say that they do not help, that they are fraud, that they are not the cure, that they are false. But there are also plenty of people who have tried it, and who know that homeopathy works. We are one of those people. We use homeopathy and the sugar pellets help us. We use homeopathy because we want to use natural and harmless medicines from nature, to be strong and healthy and happy.

Today I want to tell you that there are so many children in the world right now who are also taking homeopathy, just like you.

Today, homeopathy is not officially recognized in many countries of the world. It has been recognized in other countries but still under-implemented.

I don’t know how the situation will be when you will be an adult and when you will have your own children.

But today I want to tell you the following.

There will be a day in the future when you will be an adult. When will you have your family and your children. And then someone will say to you once, “Homeopathy doesn’t work. Homeopathy is a fraud. Homeopathy is a placebo. Homeopathy is not scientifically proven. Homeopathy is not medicine.”

You will be an adult person at that time. You might be a medical student, maybe a pharmacy student, and maybe a student of economics. Maybe you’ll be a doctor, maybe a government official, and maybe a lawyer. You may already have your own children and your family. You will think with your head! You will remember all those moments when you were little and when these lovely sweet pellets melted under your tongue! You will remember playing happy in the park because you took your pellets! And no one will be able to convince you otherwise! No one will be able to tell you that your childhood was false! That it was only your imagination that you were better because you took the pellets. That the pain went away because those pellets were a lie and a placebo. And then you will tell your professor, your friend, your colleague at work – “HOMEOPATHY WORKS! I stand here today because I have taken homeopathy so many times.” And then, my child, what we dream today will come true.

When you say this, my child, at least ten or even a hundred more people around you will rise up and speak. And they will say, “I also used homeopathy. My mom used to give me homeopathy. My parents treated me with homeopathy.”

And then you, my child, will not be alone in your views and thoughts. Then you will see that there are many more people around you who share your views, and who felt on their own skin the healing properties of homeopathy. And then change will happen. Then homeopathy users will no longer be in the minority. Then you will be in the majority. Then you will have the opportunity to change the world and achieve the recognition of homeopathy.

The day will come, my child, when someone in the future will try to convince you that homeopathy is a placebo. But you will know that is not true. And you will be the part of the change. You will live in the world which is for us right now only a dream. A world where there is a synergy of homeopathy and medicine. A world where homeopathy is recognized and available to all people. A world where we can help ourselves. A world where it’s nice and safe to live.


Dear parents, we may not currently live in the world we want and dream about. But still, homeopathy is available for us, and because of that our life is more beautiful and easier.

Remember that your children will remember all those moments of your tender care when you helped them with homeopathic remedies that bring quick, gentle and permanent healing.

Your child may be a medical student one day. He might be a doctor, a pharmacist, maybe an economist or a lawyer, and maybe a prime minister or a president. Or he-she will simply be an adult, mature and stable person who wants to help herself and her family in the best way.

The efforts you make today are not in vain!

Today, we are taking care for the generation that will be the bearer of change tomorrow.

They are the ones who will bring about change. They are the ones who will stand up for homeopathy. They will not allow to be brainwashed with empty stories. They will think with their own head. And they will remember all those moments of care and tenderness when you helped them quickly, gently and permanently with homeopathy!

Build a better world with us – for our children and grandchildren!

Read this to your children. Talk to them.

Prepare them for their future roles.

And help us build the foundation for their happy future!

With respect,

Ana Klikovac, Ph.D.

Annah Centre for Homeopathy and Support of Health, Zagreb

ASHUH company, Zagreb

You can download Letter to our children here: LETTER TO OUR CHILDREN

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