Sensation Method – 1-year program in advance homeopathy at Annah Academia®

This unique one-year programme of education has been created in partnership with India’s The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy, headed by Dr Rajan Sankaran.

The programme is being offered in Croatia for the first time thanks to a collaboration between the Annah Centre for Homeopathy and Support for Health, Zagreb, and Dr Sankaran’s The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy, India.

The aim of this programme is to transfer the knowledge and skills of advanced modern homeopathy to homeopathic practitioners according to the Sensation Method developed by Dr Rajan Sankaran. The programme is based on the latest findings and achievements in modern homeopathy, while taking into account the basic principles of classical homeopathy. The programme draws on the rich clinical experiences of Indian homeopaths, adapting these to European and Croatian conditions. Lectures are interactive, live and via Skype, so that participants can address questions to the lecturers and discuss specific topics with them, referring to actual cases of homeopathic practice.

This international program is open for the enrollment of students from abroad, from all parts of the world. The lectures are held entirely in English language, which prepares our students for the work in the global environment, with clients from all parts of the world.

How does the Sensation Method differ from the classical homeopathic approach?

The Sensation Method differs from classic homeopathic consultation. According to this method, the homeopath needs to recognise in the client’s story a fundamental sensation that is running through all their life experiences. In this way, the homeopath gains an insight into the client’s experiences of reality, the world and the circumstances in which she or he lives. That same vital sensation is then used to determine the appropriate ‘kingdom’, and remedies are chosen according to the kingdom that is characteristic for the client. Dr Sankaran distinguishes between the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms of homeopathic remedies. According to the Sensation Method, a homeopathic remedy is selected from only one kingdom, whose characteristics and sensations have been revealed. Using the Sensation Method it is possible to determine the appropriate remedy for the client with great certainty.

While studying this programme, students will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Basic features of the Sensation Method
  2. A modern concept of miasms in homeopathy, according to Dr Sankaran
  3. Types of kingdom in homeopathy, and the classification of remedies into the following kingdoms: Plant, Mineral, and Animal
  4. Case-taking skills and case analysis according to the Sensation Method
  5. Strategies in choosing homeopathic remedies using the Sensation Method
  6. Using repertory – analysis of symptoms and remedies using a homeopathic software program, based on several important repertories
  7. Knowledge of the writings of Dr Sankaran and other homeopathic authors in the field of the Sensation Method, and the classification of remedies into kingdoms

The student should attend 80% of the total number of lecture hours for the program. Student can follow the lectures online via webinar if they are unable to attend live lectures at Annah.

At the end of this one-year program, participants will be awarded a joint certificate on their successful completion of the programme, signed by Annah and The Other Song, showing the number of hours of theoretical and practical education achieved.


  • The one-time fee for enrolment on the programme is 2.625,00 kn (350 euro).
  • The annual tuition fee is 16.500 kn (2200 euros), with the possibility of payment in monthly instalments, per module.
  • The total fee for the programme is 19.125 kn (2550 euros for the enrolment fee and annual tuition fee).
  • In case of abandoning the programme, Annah d.o.o. reserves the right to retain the enrolment fee, which will not be refunded to participants. Neither will any refund be given for modules already undertaken.


The opportunity to apply for the WWR (Wednesdays with Rajan) programme at a preferential price, which will be granted exclusively to students of the Annah Academia postgraduate programme. Those who take up this option will be able to listen to an additional 53 lessons (a total of 102 hours), with lectures available for one year.


To enrol in the programme, it is necessary to hold a certificate of a successfully completed education program in the field of homeopathy. The programme is suitable for those who already have adequate knowledge in the field of homeopathy and want to enrich their knowledge. Homeopaths who have completed a two- or four-year homeopathy course can apply for this programme. When applying for the programme, candidates should provide a copy of their certificate in homeopathy.

Students from both medical and non-medical professions are welcome to enrol in the programme.

Knowledge of English is an important prerequisite for attending this programme, as all of the lectures will be held in English language. Knowledge of homeopathic software for repertorisation is also desirable.


February 2021


Lectures will be held once a month, on Saturdays and Sundays, from 8.30 to 15h (Zagreb time). Each academic year begins in February and ends in January. Lectures will be presented on alternate weekends by Annah and The Other Song Academy.

Times may be changed, according to time zones of International students. All sessions are recorded, so students can watch them later at their own convenience, if they miss some of the lectures.


The total duration of the programme is one year. The classes are divided into ten modules, totalling 20 days (120 hours of teaching). In addition, participants are obliged to undertake practical work with case studies within the number of hours prescribed by the programme. Participants will spend an additional 120 hours of independent learning on the course, and 60 hours of clinical practice (stand-alone and mentored practical work on cases). In total, the programme calls for 300 hours of study.


Depending on the number of students enrolled, lectures will be held at the Annah Homeopathy Centre at Domašinečka ulica 4, Vrbani, Zagreb, or at another location in Zagreb of which participants will be informed in good time before the beginning of the lecture. Lectures from India will be presented live via Zoom, also at a location defined according to the programme schedule. Students from abroad can follow the lectures via webinar, and the accsess to the webinar platform will be available once they are enrolled to the program. According to the possibility to travel to Zagreb and to attend the live lectures in Annah, the international students can join the live classes, with prior announcement of their arrival.


A detailed schedule of lectures by date, with a list of topics and lecturers, will be given to students prior to the beginning of the lectures, along with their enrolment materials.



Ana Klikovac, PhD, homeopath, owner of the Annah Centre and director of Annah Academia.


Dr Rajan Sankaran and a team of lecturers from The Other Song Academy, according to the schedule students will receive on enrolment. Lectures from The Other Song lecturers are presented live via Skype or live at Annah centre, depending on whether it is possible to organise individual lecturers’ arrival in Croatia.


Đurđica Margetić, homeopath and head of practical training at Annah Academia.

Annah d.o.o. reserves the right to change the dates of lectures, the venue or lecturers, as well as the topics of lectures, if there are justified and significant reasons for such changes. Attention will be paid to maintaining the highest level of quality for this education programme, as well as the desired outcomes of the programme for participants.

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Enrolment is due by January 15th, 2021


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Annah Academia offers its participants:

  • Four-year foundation course in Homeopathy
  • One-year postgraduate course in the Sensation Method
  • Programme of medical courses for homeopaths and individuals with no previous medical training
  • Mentoring programme
  • Assistance in difficult case studies
  • The possibility of practical training at the Annah Centre
  • The possibility of practical training at The Other Song Academy, India
  • Regular workshops and seminars for continuous training in homeopathy
  • Education in the field of related methods: Schuessler salts, Bach flower remedies
  • Live lectures online via Zoom with recordings for later viewing

Annah Academia – We provide knowledge and courage!


Enrolment and tuition fees are paid as follows:

  • In cash or by card at the Annah Centre
  • Paypal payment sent to:
  • By bank transfer to the account of Annah d.o.o. using the following data:

RECIPIENT NAME AND ADDRESS: Annah d.o.o., Domašinečka ulica 4, 10110 Zagreb

BANK NAME AND ADDRESS: Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d., Jadranski trg 3A, 51000 Rijeka

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Annah d.o.o. reserves the right to change the dates of lectures, the venue or lecturers, as well as the topics of lectures, if there are justified and significant reasons for such changes. Attention will be paid to maintaining the highest level of quality for this education programme, as well as the desired outcomes of the programme for participants.

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