Foundation course in homeopathy – 4-year program at Annah Academia®

This unique four-year programme of education has been created in partnership with India’s The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy, headed by Dr Rajan Sankaran.

The programme is being offered in Croatia for the first time thanks to a collaboration between the Annah Centre for Homeopathy and Support for Health, Zagreb, and Dr Sankaran’s The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy, India.

The idea behind the course was to create an education programme that would provide students with enough knowledge, practice and time to master case studies, working with repertories and remedy analysis to arrive at the optimum solution in the selection of remedies. To achieve this, students require more than two years of education. Experience has shown that, having completed two years of education, homeopaths often still lack sufficient confidence to select proper homeopathic remedies for each case-study. Annah Academia leads you through this homeopathic education programme, ensuring that you gain the experience, practice, skills and confidence in choosing the homeopathic remedies.

The aim of the programme is to transfer knowledge and skills in the field of classical homeopathy, according to Dr Samuel Hahnemann, complementing this with application of the latest findings and achievements of modern homeopathy. The programme draws on the rich clinical experiences of Indian homeopaths, adapting these to European and Croatian conditions. Lectures are interactive, live and via Skype, so that participants can address questions to the lecturers and discuss specific topics with them, referring to actual cases of homeopathic practice.

This international program is open for the enrollment of students from abroad, from all parts of the world. The lectures are held entirely in English language, which prepares our students for the work in the global environment, with clients from all parts of the world.

Across the four years, participants will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Philosophy and principles of homeopathy
  2. Organon and other work of Dr Samuel Hahnemann
  3. Materia medica – a total of 184 homeopathic remedies
  • 36 remedies in the 1st year
  • 53 remedies in the 2nd year
  • 53 remedies in the 3rd year
  • 42 remedies in the 4th year
  1. Miasms in homeopathy
  2. Case-taking skills and case analysis
  3. Strategies in choosing homeopathic remedies
  4. Using repertory – analysis of symptoms and remedies using a homeopathic software program, based on several important repertories
  5. Knowledge of the writings of the most important homeopathic authors

The student should attend 80% of the total number of lecture hours in each year. Student can follow the lectures online via webinar if they are unable to attend live lectures at Annah.

At the end of each year, a certificate to indicate completion of that year will be given, showing the number of hours of theoretical and practical education achieved.

At the end of the fourth year, participants will be awarded a joint certificate on their successful completion of the programme, signed by Annah and The Other Song, showing the number of hours of theoretical and practical education achieved.


  • The one-time fee for enrolment on the full four-year programme is 2.625,00 kn (350 euro).
  • The annual tuition fee is 12.000 kn (1600 euro), with the possibility of payment in monthly instalments, per module.
  • In case of abandoning the programme, Annah d.o.o. reserves the right to retain the enrolment fee, which will not be refunded to participants. Neither will any refund be given for modules already undertaken.


Knowledge of English is the only prerequisite for attending this programme, as all of the lectures will be held in English language. In addition, the use of homeopathic software and literature during the programme requires knowledge of English.

Students from both medical and non-medical professions are welcome to enrol in the programme. For non-medical professionals, we can provide additional education in the field of basic medical knowledge; this is optional and not covered within the four-year programme.

No previous knowledge of homeopathy is required: the programme is suitable for both beginners in homeopathy and those who already have some knowledge of homeopathy and wish to enrich this. The programme may be of interest to existing homeopaths who wish to complete a four-year programme in homeopathy, which is performed in collaboration with The Other Song Academy from India.


September 2021, second generation of students.


Lectures will be held monthly, on Fridays from 15.00 to 21.00 and on Saturdays from 8.30 to 15h (Zagreb time). Friday lectures will be presented by Annah and Saturday lectures by The Other Song Academy. Each academic year begins in September and ends in June.

Times may be changed, according to time zones of International students. All sessions are recorded, so students can watch them later at their own convenience, if they miss some of the lectures.


The total duration of the programme is four years (480 hours of teaching). Each year’s classes are divided into ten modules, totalling 20 days (120 hours of teaching). In addition, participants are obliged to undertake practical work with case studies, within the number of hours prescribed by the programme. The trainees will spend an additional 500 hours of independent learning on the course, and 220 hours of practical work (independent and mentored practical work on cases), during the four years. In total, the programme calls for 1200 hours of study.


Depending on the number of students enrolled, lectures will be held at the Annah Homeopathy Centre at Domašinečka ulica 4, Vrbani, Zagreb, or at another location in Zagreb of which participants will be informed in good time before the beginning of the lecture. Lectures from India will be presented live via Zoom, also at a location defined according to the programme schedule. Students from abroad can follow the lectures via webinar, and the accsess to the webinar platform will be available once they are enrolled to the program. According to the possibility to travel to Zagreb and to attend the live lectures in Annah, the international students can join the live classes, with prior announcement of their arrival.


A detailed schedule of lectures by date, with a list of topics and lecturers, will be given to students prior to the beginning of the lectures, along with their enrolment materials.



Ana Klikovac, PhD, homeopath, owner of the Annah Centre and director of Annah Academia.


Dr Rajan Sankaran and a team of lecturers from The Other Song Academy, according to the schedule students will receive on enrolment. Lectures from The Other Song lecturers are presented live via Zoom or live at Annah centre, depending on whether it is possible to organise individual lecturers’ arrival in Croatia.


Đurđica Margetić, homeopath and head of practical training at Annah Academia.

Annah d.o.o. reserves the right to change the dates of lectures, the venue or lecturers, as well as the topics of lectures, if there are justified and significant reasons for such changes. Attention will be paid to maintaining the highest level of quality for this education programme, as well as the desired outcomes of the programme for participants.

Annah Academia – We provide knowledge and courage!

Enrolment is due by 31 August 2021


Annah d.o.o.

Address: Domašinečka ulica 4, Vrbani, 10110 Zagreb, Croatia

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Annah academia - edukacije homeopatija

Annah Academia – We provide knowledge and courage!©

Annah d. o. o.
Address: Domašinečka ulica 4, Vrbani, 10110 Zagreb, Croatia
Mob: +385 99 3221-312, Phone: +385 1 7988-870, Fax: +385 1 7988-871

Annah Academia offers its students:

  • Four-year program Foundations of Homeopathy
  • One-year program the Sensation Method
  • Program of medical subjects for homeopaths and persons of non-medical profession
  • Mentoring program
  • Help with difficult cases
  • The possibility of practical exercises at the Annah Center for Homeopathy and Health Support
  • Possibility of practical exercises at The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy from India
  • Regular workshops and seminars for continuous training in the field of homeopathy
  • Education in the field of related methods: Schuessler salts, Bach flower essences
  • Live lectures online via Zoom with recordings for later viewing

Annah Academia – The right place to study homeopathy!©

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  1. As I live abroad, I wonder, is there a certain mandatory number of hours I have to spend on lectures at the Annah Center?

All lectures can be interactively monitored via an online platform for distance learning.

  1. What does the annual cost of education include? Do participants receive any written material that facilitates learning? Where can I get books and other necessary literature?

The annual tuition covers the service of lectures given by the lecturer Annah d.o.o. and The Other Song Academy from India and other costs of organizing lectures.

At the end of each lecture, our students also receive written materials that facilitate learning. All other books participants need to provide by themselves and the price of literature is not included in the price of the program. The Annah Center aquires for students the books that belong to the required literature for the program and students can purchase them at affordable prices at the Annah Center. These books are also not included in the price of the program, and are considered basic literature in the field of homeopathy. Recommendations for all supplementary literature and tips for the easiest and most affordable purchase of the desired literature can be obtained at the Annah Center.

  1. What software is used during education? Do participants have free access to the program or do they need to pay for it?

The use of homeopathic software is always an investment of the participants and is not included in the price of the program. The use of homeopathic software facilitates the work of homeopaths in taking and analyzing cases and therefore homeopathic software is considered a tool to work with. There are several homeopathic softwares  on the market and the student is free to choose which software suits him in terms of price and quality, as well as the functions it offers.

Our students are entitled to purchase a student version of the program for the duration of the program, with a certificate issued by Annah that they are active participants in our program. We do training for more than one homeopathic software and do not oblige students to one specific software. Participants have the right to choose the work on the software that suits them the most.

  1. How are the exercises, ie case analysis, organized? Do you do examples of real cases?

All lectures are interactive and real cases from practice are always discussed, with strict respect for the discretion of the person in question and the principle of confidentiality.

  1. As I have no medical education, I am interested in additional seminars in the field. How are these seminars organized, given that regular lectures on homeopathy are organized on Fridays and Saturdays? Who gives lectures in medical classes and what is the price of the seminar?

Details on education in the field of basic medical subjects for the needs of homeopathic case analysis will be organized in the school year 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Education is given by renowned doctors. Details of dates and schedules will be available to our attendees in time before the program begins.

  1. Can I get a program of classes and exercises by years? I would like to know which homeopathic remedies are studied each year.

Unfortunately, the detailed education program is not publicly available to protect the copyright of the program. Participants who enroll in the program receive a schedule of lectures and lecturers by topic. Participants learn a minimum of 184 homeopathic remedies over four years, which are most commonly used in homeopathic practice. However, participants also learn their way through rich homeopathic literature (repertory, materia medica) and acquire skills for independent selection of any homeopathic remedy from all that are known in the literature today.

  1. As far as I understand, the teaching is based exclusively on the theory and experience of Dr. Sankaran. Are the approaches of other well-known homeopaths discussed during the program?

The four-year training program is not based solely on the methods used by Dr. Sankaran (sensation method, “8 box” method). On the contrary, during the four years of education, we teach only classical homeopathy based on Organon. The sensation method is  offered as an additional one-year education that is open for enrollment only  after the completion of the education program in the field of classical homeopathy. Attendees who have completed some of the two-year schools of classical and French homeopathy can also enroll in the Method of Sensation program. During the four-year education program in the Fundamentals of Homeopathy, the Method of Sensation and the Method “8 box” are not taught.

  1. Are there final tests?

At the end of each year, a final knowledge test is performed and a certificate of the completion is issued for each year.

  1. Do the certificates issued at the end of the four-year education enable the opening of a personal homeopathic practice?

Each country has its own regulations on who can practice homeopathy and under what conditions. Please check how you can practice homeopathy in your country. In Croatia, it is possible to open a business or consulting company, for counseling in the field of alternative healing methods, and the field of homeopathy is not specifically regulated differently. According to the Croatian National Classification of Activities, company registration is possible under the category “Body care and maintenance” or “Other service activities”, or some other category, depending on the complete range of services offered by a particular company.

The education program in the field of homeopathy and other related methods at the Annah Center is considered education in the field of personal development.


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COMPANY: Annah d.o.o.

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Ana Šafran

Head of Annah Academia:

Ana Klikovac, Ph.D., Hom.


Mob: +385 99 3221-312

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Đurđica MargetićCo-ordinator of Annah Academia program:

Đurđica Margetić, homeopath


Mob: +385 99 4317-787

Phone: +385 1 7988-870

Fax: +385 1 7988-871



Annah d.o.o. reserves the right to change the dates of lectures, the venue or lecturers, as well as the topics of lectures, if there are justified and significant reasons for such changes. Attention will be paid to maintaining the highest level of quality for this education programme, as well as the desired outcomes of the programme for participants.

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