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Have you ever wondered what your face says about you?

Want to know more about what the face of your child, spouse and other family members tells you?

Your face is a mirror of your health!

How do we perform facial analysis for Schuessler salts?

Your Schuessler Salt Consultant is qualified for a facial analysis, so he or she can perform a facial analysis to determine the condition of each salt in the body (salt deficiency or excess) and the degree of salt imbalance.

You need to come to the face analysis appointment without makeup so that your counselor can see the color of your face and all the marks on it.

The consultant will most likely take a photo of you so that he can enlarge certain parts of your face on the computer and better analyze your face. The Schuessler Salt and Facial Analysis consultant, who is qualified to read your face, does not use any devices for this analysis, but does so solely by observing your face, live or via a computer image. Upon completion of the analysis, you will receive a list of all Schuessler Salts and the state of each of them in the body, as well as a recommendation for the use of Schuessler Salts.

From you face we are able to assess:

  • deposits of calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other minerals
  • state of immunity
  • consequences of long-term use of drugs, anesthesia and aggressive therapies
  • consequences of exposure to electromagnetic and other radiation
  • degree of exposure to heavy metals
  • the degree of acidity of the organism
  • signs of the need for liver detoxification
  • signs of a need to support thyroid function
  • signs of possible food intolerance and allergen sensitivity
  • excess of certain minerals
  • deficiency of certain minerals

Facial analysis helps you develop a disease prevention plan

We will be able to make an individualized disease prevention plan for yourself and your family members!

It is important to know, however, that facial analysis does not diagnose a disease, nor does it predict the onset of the disease. Facial analysis only determines the lack or excess of certain salts in the body. Accordingly, the client is introduced to the area of ​​action of each Schuessler salt on his body.

By advising on a diet program and the application of Schuessler salts, it is possible to develop an effective disease prevention plan for clients. By the long-term use of Schuessler’s salts brings the body into a state of balance, strengthens a person’s immunity, and consequently leads to health, vitality, youthfulness and beauty.

Did you know that by analyzing your face and correctly using salts, you can maintain beauty, youth and vitality?

Your Schuessler Salt Consultant will introduce you to all the benefits of Schuessler Salts that preserve your youthfulness, the quality of your hair, teeth and nails, and the beauty of your skin.

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