What did we learn so far?

What did we learn so far?

With Covid-19 pandemic raging across the globe, we keep wondering why this is happening and why is this virus not leaving us to go back to our normal lives already?!

But my post today will not be about Covid-19, but about us people and methods of healing.

With Covid-19 we definitely learned some lessons already:

  • We appreciate our health more
  • We understand how privileged we were until recently to be able to travel around the globe
  • We long for seeing our dearest ones, to hug them and tell them how much they mean to us, while until recently we were too busy to pay attention to them
  • We understand that we had freedom to do whatever we wanted, and now we are sitting in a lock-down.

But why is this situation talking so long? Because we would not change a single thing in our life if it was just a moment in our lives. This situation is forcing us to look within and to change ourselves, the way we see the world, the way we treat others, and to pay attention to all those things we were taking for granted!

But let me tell you what we are taking for granted mostly – our health and our body.

We do not listen. We push our body to the limits.  We do not react to the small signals, but only act when we are faced with a serious diagnosis.

Would you drive a car when a red lamp is blinking and signaling you need to check the breaks?

Would you go for a long trip if your car is signalling you are low on fuel?

No, you would not.

But at the same time, we are ignoring all the red blinking lights our body is signalling to us. And we keep pushing our body to the limits.

I just finished my book on Bach flower remedies recently, and it is being prepared for publishing. In this book I wrote an introductory chapter about my story and how I discovered homeopathy and Bach flower remedies. My dear friend Anita Moorjani kindly wrote a foreword for this book.

But after reading my book, and Anita’s book, and some other books on healing methods, I became aware of some very interesting questions: “Why does one need to go through such painful episodes and diseases to start his/her journey towards health and healing methods? Why don’t we start using these while we are still healthy, so that we can prevent diseases? Why a person needs to go through these difficult times to become a healer, a practitioner of healing methods? You don’t see doctors sick first, and then go to them for check-up. But for practitioners of natural healing methods, we always read their difficult stories first, how they were ill themselves, and then we believe them more. Only then we believe they can heal us!”

Here I am, looking back to some books and healing methods and authors, and I see this exact pattern:

Anita Moorjani – had a cancer and an NDE experience, and was later miraculously cured

Vianna Stibal – had a cancer and went into coma, and healed herself, and started Thetahealing method

Dr Edward Bach – had only 3 months to live, but managed to heal himself with Bach flower remedies, and lived for 30 more years.

Dr Konstantin Buteyko – had 12 months to live, but healed himself with Buteyko breathing method, and lived for 50 more years.

Neale Donald Walsch – was homeless and now he is famous author and has many followers.

But did you ever go to see a doctor, and asked him if he went through a difficult time or deadly disease before you decided if he was credible or not? Did you ever decide to take medication that your doctor prescribed, but asked him if he tried this medicine on himself first?

No, you did not!

So, why do we expect this from practitioners of natural healing methods?!

Why do we keep searching for practitioners with stories where they were enlightened after having to cope with a terrible diagnosis?!

And then I look back to see what I wrote in my book – it is exactly the same thing. It is the same pattern. We have difficult stories to tell, as it is only then our audience would believe us that these methods work.

They will not believe us if we tell them: Look how happy and healthy I am. This is because I am using homeopathy. I have never been sick in my entire life, as I am using homeopathy since I was born.

They will not believe us. The audience wants to see us sick first, and to see us magically healed with our method, and only then they will believe us and try this method!

This is so wrong!

It is like we are programmed to become sick, only to start a healthy way of living.

Why don’t we start using these methods when we are still healthy? Why don’t we use Biochemic tissue salts while we are still young and fit and healthy, to prevent disease? Because we are taking our health for granted!!!

And this is the lesson that Coronavirus is teaching us – how many things in your life were you taking for granted?!

So, what lessons can we learn from this Covid situation?

  • Appreciate your health and take care of your body while it is still healthy. Take homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, and all available natural healing methods while you are still healthy. Don’t wait for red lights to start blinking, to be alarmed you need these methods.
  • Enjoy life and don’t worry about irrelevant things.

And one of the lessons I just learned – be a role model of health!

Keep taking your favorite natural healing methods and be an example of health for others.

For those of you who are homeopaths and who started on this road of homeopathy to heal yourself… for those of you who are persistently looking for your own miraculous remedy that will heal all your troubles in just one dose. You will not find this remedy as the system is not structured this way. The system is formed in such a way to keep pushing you forward, so that you would need to study more, to learn more, to try new approaches and new remedies.

So, please, recognize this now – that you can stop being sick now, that you can let go of your ailments. And that you can start learning about materia medica from books from now on, and not experimenting on yourself.

Be a role model of health from now on!

And people would still believe you!


Stay safe and healthy!


Yours sincerely,

Ana Klikovac


Zagreb, 31.10.2020.




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